In Brief
We the Power, a new documentary film and initiative by Patagonia, encourages viewers to imagine a future of citizen-led, community energy initiatives that help combat energy poverty and put power, money, and decision-making back into the hands of individuals and communities. To prepare for the launch of this initiative, we crafted a unique identity which translates the spirit of the movement and empowers people to join, invest, create, or lobby for localized energy systems in their towns.
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
UI/UX Design
Identity System & Guidelines
Creative Direction
Motion Design

The identity is a celebration of the power of “We”. It’s meant to capture that crackling magic that sparks when individuals and communities roll up their sleeves and tackle issues together. The DIY-aesthetic reflects the inherent creativity shown by community organizers and energy revolutionaries, and invites us all to participate in reimagining and remaking the future of energy.

Our toolkit of lively brushes, cut-paper textures and active colors get put to use in hearty collages that celebrate community projects and hometown heroes throughout the campaign. Fun and familiar, these paint strokes create a positive tone and ease the bar for entry. It’s an encouraging movement, one that’s open to all of us taking an active part in energy change.

Like the movement, the identity is freeform. You can split it apart, change colors, and resize elements based on whatever the canvas is or whomever’s got their hands on the scissors. Print and marketing runs maximalist, putting the full color palette to use. Film and photography use a toned back alternate. The goal of this non-uniform approach is to reflect community made energy: custom local power solutions, built by the handy work of its members.

Because every movie deserves good typography, we looked at how our graphic language could extend into the film.

Setting our collages in motion lead us to a delightful stop-motion look. Our paint draws itself and photos shuffle into place — nothing can ever quite sit still. This tingling sensation is another reminder that this is an active and energetic movement.

Our collage system continues to explode out in all directions. It’s exciting to see all its many permutations take shape.

While the website is homebase for watching the film, it’s also an opportunity to learn about the movement. There you can find resources to start your own community energy project, or join an existing one. To maximize potential, we customized content on regional pages, ensuring people take the most relevant actions available to their region. For some that might mean joining a local co-op, for others it may be urging local officials to make much needed policy changes.