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Every year as elves in the North Pole prepare toys and trinkets for kids around the world, we get to work building Santa’s Village across web and mobile. With over 45 games, 18 videos, and a whole lot of eggnog under our belts, we’ve had almost a decade of holly jolly fun working on Santa Tracker with the talented folks at Google.
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Santa's Village

Welcome to Santa’s Village! An advent calendar-inspired town full of games to play, videos to watch, igloos to explore, and tidbits to learn. Each day of December unlocks new easter eggs in the village - from reindeer flight school to the friendly waving walrus - so kids always have something new to discover.

With so many holiday festivities in Santa’s village, it’s easy to wonder where to begin. We kept the calls to action super simple - Learn, Watch, and Play - so that kids and parents could see their options upfront and choose their path.
From slip-sliding penguins to dancing elves to Mrs. Claus herself, the gang’s all here! As you explore the village you’ll find Santa’s family and friends frolicking about, with colorful newcomers joining the fun every year.

As we countdown to Santa’s departure, the village unlocks new games and experiences that blur the lines between entertainment and education, all using the latest Google technology. Each year we keep the fan favorites and add in new entries to the ever-expanding collection.


It’s become a tradition to kick off the fun with a back-to-work animation where we watch Santa’s team get back into ship-shape for the season. Sharable shorts and mid-month features are also scattered throughout the Village and Tracker, not to mention more than a dozen day-of segments showing behind-the-scenes elf shenanigans, sleigh refills, and reindeer games.


Of course, all of these games and goodies are built in anticipation of Santa’s big day - Christmas Eve. For a full 24 hours on December 24th, users can jump into city view, learn about holiday traditions in faraway lands and - most importantly - follow Santa as he makes his way from chimney to chimney, around the world.

Keep up with the sleigh in real time as Santa and the elves record their whole night! Hot chocolate pit stops, candy cane snack breaks, and a whole lot of elf selfies make for a night of endless giggles for kids everywhere.