In Brief
From healthcare and transportation to education and business, virtually every aspect of modern life is built on a layer of code. So developers today no longer have the luxury of moving fast and breaking things. Lightstep helps developers navigate their increasingly fragile software systems, so that when there’s an issue, they can find out what’s happening and why, fast. We worked with Lightstep to create a brand that could cut through the complexity of the observability space with approachability and ease.
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Identity System &
Creative Direction
Motion Design

Managing deep systems can be chaotic. With unexpected firedrills and blame shifting across teams, the frantic search for solutions can breed a highly stressful environment. So we created a world of collective clarity. A world where developers can build products faster, push code with confidence and push the world forward.

Remove obstacles. Provide open, unimpeded visibility to make it possible for something to happen

Aligns closely with executive prioirities. Nod to observabillity. Implies greater velocity, more focus and less busywork

Emphasizes focus on developers

Inspires feelings of innovation

Implies forward progress without leaving room for holes or dystopian implications.

Speaks to optimism and hope for technology and the future


The mark exists in a constant state of evolution and transformation, offering a nod to the ever-changing nature of these technology systems. Angular and geometric, its exterior takes on endless variations. Yet for every shape it takes, there is always an insight to be found within.

The corners forming the exterior of the prism shape should be convex. We never make a concave shape in a static state and avoid it where possible in motion

The silhouette of our evolving polygon became a core brand element to visualize a sense of relief from noise and complexity. Simple and flexible, these shapes easily adapt to become containers for artwork, text, floods of color and more. The palette is kept to just four brand colors, reinforcing the idea of clarity with optimism and delight.

With a product that centers on dashboarding, data flow and statistics, Lightstep’s illustration style needed to balance technical detail and playful abstraction. Motion and interactivity were core to our approach, bringing the brand to life across applications and interfaces.