In Brief
As the digital sphere becomes increasingly intertwined with the physical, basic human rights have become vulnerable on a whole new frontier. Jigsaw is a unit within Google that is using technology to identify, understand and confront developing digital threats to make people safer. We worked with the team at Jigsaw to develop a new brand, website and publishing platform capable of supporting their audacious and important work.
Brand System
Marks & Symbols
Art Direction
Voice & Tone
Custom Font
UI/UX Design
Visual Design
Art Direction
Motion Design
Data visualization

A play on Jigsaw’s name and the interconnectedness of their work, the logo stems from the connection point between two puzzle pieces. Close cropping emphasizes Jigsaw’s relentless search for solutions, while giving the mark a smart, modern feel. The custom wordmark introduces technical precision and stability.

Project ID system

Jigsaw addresses emerging digital threats with an interdisciplinary approach that includes research, partnerships, projects and products. To celebrate each project and product as its own, we developed a flexible system for creating logos that allows the work to take on independent identities without losing connection to the broader Jigsaw brand.

While Jigsaw’s core color palette is a bold black and white, we introduce a deep supporting palette to acknowledge the complexity of the problems they combat. Each focus area is assigned a midnight color and supporting tints to unify their projects and initiatives.

Fragmentation, distortion, dimension, connection and illumination became consistent themes woven throughout our digital and print applications. We pushed the bounds of our geometry, color and type systems to create an extensive body of artwork that feels at once diverse and cohesive.


Because Jigsaw’s work often involves delicate, even dangerous, situations, we used typography to reduce our reliance on imagery. We worked with Graham Bradley to create a custom typeface, Jigsaw Sans, in 4 weights to reflect both their work and their identity. Large, open proportions capture the humanity of the organization, while subtle, angular elements reference their roots in technology.

The website

The website is where all of these elements come to life together. With audiences ranging from the general public to policymakers and journalists, we built the site in an intentionally nested and layered way. This allows users to dig deeper into the details, without losing track of Jigsaw’s overarching narrative.

The Current

In collaboration with Jigsaw and Imprint Projects, we also launched The Current. The Current is a digital publication that explores a single issue in depth each release, with the goal of demystifying complex topics. To exude optimism, we set The Current landing page in white and elevated our serif font, GT Sectra, to create a more editorial feel.

To create a distinct, yet connected experience for The Current, we build from Jigsaw’s visual principles but let each story guide its own art direction. We broadened our toolkit of illustration, motion, color and interactive elements, allowing each issue to become a bespoke and dynamic experience.

The first issue of The Current focused on Disinformation. To illustrate the prevalence of disinformation worldwide, we developed an interactive Data Visualizer that uses the Atlantic Council DFRLab’s data to walk through campaigns and targets around the globe.