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With the power of Chrome OS, access to millions of apps, and the best of Google built-in, the Chromebook is a new kind of computer for everything you do. For the launch of new premium additions to the fleet of Chromebooks, Google tapped us once again to rethink Chromebooks on the web.
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Unifying over 30 different models, the Chromebooks brand is vibrant and bold, approachable and friendly. We kept these brand attributes top of mind, introducing the premium models in an elevated yet authentic aesthetic. Premium device imagery allows the quality of the new Chromebooks to shine, while beautiful lifestyle photography highlights their unique adaptability in day to day settings.

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The devices were, of course, the central element of the website. We brought them to life using 3D animations rendered with WebGL, which allowed the Chromebooks to smoothly flip, fold, and cascade down the page. Throughout the site, we were careful to balance the light playfulness of the movement with grounded, confident positions so that the devices maintained a commanding presence on the page.


Whether it’s back-office number crunching or movie watching on the couch, Chromebooks are flexible and reliable enough to take on the shuffle of a busy day. We worked with the immensely talented photographer, Emily Nathan, to capture beautiful, vivid, authentic interactions that demonstrate the many ways that people can use Chromebooks in their daily lives - from work to school, to family time and beyond.


Together these photos and renderings create an immersive experience that showcases the best of Chromebooks in a way that feels natural for the brand. The screens are bright and vivid, and the site is intentionally light on technical jargon, ensuring that the site is accessible for the early-adopters, the just-getting-started and everyone in between.

With unprecedented access to the Google Play Store, Chromebooks uniquely offer a seamless transition from mobile to desktop. Because of this, we wanted to be sure we created a flawless mobile experience that similarly erased the mobile-desktop gap.

There’s a Chromebook for everyone. We created tailored experiences for Chromebooks in work, education and family settings, highlighting the apps that matter most to those audiences and hiding playful easter eggs to make sure they’re having some fun, too.